Rental Terms & Conditions

This rental contract forms the sole agreement between the customer and Mastermind Events (MME). The customer agrees to indemnify and hold MME harmless for any claims from use or misuse, including any third parties for loss, injury, and damage to persons or property arising out of the customer’s negligence or operation including legal costs incurred in defence of such claims.

  1. A 50% deposit, a valid credit card on file, and this signed agreement are required to book rental items. This is non-refundable. Payment of any form serves as notification that you have read this agreement in its entirety and accept all terms and conditions as listed.
  2. Final numbers and final payment are due 10 business days before event date. If final payment is not completed at this time, MME will only hold items on your order that are the value of your deposit.
  3. It is the customer’s responsibility to check the contract for accuracy concerning items rented and location(s) if delivery is involved. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure accuracy of count if picking up.
  4. The customer acknowledges that they are personally responsible for inspecting the rental items prior to their use on the event date. Notification of any defects must be made on or before this date. The customer acknowledges that there are no warranties on items from minor defects, as there may be some normal wear and tear that is not readily apparent. Defects do not constitute a breach of contract.
  5. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) rental items must be returned on the first business day by 11:00am following the event date on the order. (Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays not included).
  6. No glitter or sparkles are to be used on any items. Returned items must be free of wax, excessive food, garbage, and pins. Wet items should be dried before being placed in bags for return or mould will form. Wax, sparkles, and mould will always ruin linen and result in charges being applied (see #13).
  7. Chair cover ties and sashes must be undone prior to return. A charge of $0.75 per item is assessed if ties are required to be undone
  8. Full Service rental items include next day removal. If required for the same evening after 10pm, a fee amounting to 10% of the final bill or $150, whichever is greater, will be charged. Pick up in this case will commence at the end of the function. End of function is determined by the DJ’s last song or 1:00am, whichever occurs first, regardless of extended party hours.
  9. Late return fees are 1/2 of the original rental rate for each late day or part thereof. After 4 days if the items are not returned MME reserves the right to charge the missing at (7) seven times the non discounted rental price. Customer assumes full responsibility for all rented items, including their safe and proper use, operation, maintenance, and return.
  10. Customer is responsible for all losses, damages, or repairs. All items have a replacement value of (7) seven times the rental value (plus HST) when not returned, found at time of pick up, or in a condition that has permanently altered its proper use or appearance. Lighting is the only exception, with a replacement value of $400 per unit. You will receive notification within 1 week of the pick up/return if an item is damaged. Items will not be laundered until the client is notified. Once notified, linen will be laundered to try and fix the damages. Third parties (ie. event planners, hosting facility, caterers, etc) cannot be held responsible for payment of lost or damaged items. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide a contact person for damages if they will be out of town following the event.
  11. For peace of mind a seven percent (7%) non-refundable damage waiver is added to all rental equipment. This covers wear and tear (i.e. wine spillage) on the rental equipment and is not to be considered insurance. The renter is not covered under the damage waiver for theft, vandalism, misuse (including burn holes in linens), abuse or missing equipment. All broken, damaged items and pieces must be returned to MME (see for more information about the damage waiver).
  12. Laundry bags will be provided for returning rented linen. The replacement cost for bags (or bins) not returned is $15.00 each.
  13. We reserve the right to charge the replacement costs to the credit card you have placed on file as per the credit card authorization form provided.
  14. Due to the nature of the rental business damages and losses do occur. If a rental item becomes unavailable for any reason, all efforts will be made to substitute another items at equal or greater value.
  15. Reductions can only be made up until 10 business days prior to the date of set up/pick up to avoid full charge of the contract.
  16. Balances that have been paid in full are non-refundable.
  17. Confirmed/active orders that are cancelled less the 72 business hours prior to the scheduled delivery are still subject to all contract charges.
  18. Delivery is always curbside unless otherwise specified on the order.
  19. Delivery/pickup charges are determind by the following time windows:
    3 hour+ window = $40
    3 hour or less window = $80
    Exact time = $150
    Additional charges may apply if delivery/pickup occurs outside the National Capital Region. Specific charges will be detailed in the job order. Additional charges may be applicable for elevator or stair deliveries and late night/off hour delivery or pickups. Please refer to your job order for details.
  20. Orders placed with less than 24hrs notice are considered RUSH orders and will be subject to a $25.00 administration fee.
  21. No adjustments to quantity (increases or decreases) can be made 48hrs prior to the date taken as listed in your confirmed job order. A seperate order may be made if required.