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Custom Events

Creative Planning & Venue Styling

Custom Events

Looking for a team to join you on your event planning journey? Look no further.

The people behind your events…

Name: Kameron Payeur & Amie Jackson

Company: Custom Events

Website: www.customeventsteam.com

Sum up what you do in 5 words: Creative planning and venue styling

The one thing you couldn`t live without on event day: My phone! It is all powerful on event day. It holds every detail, number and solution possible. I`m still a fan of paper and a clip board but when you`re running around (literally), your phone is the best and fastest source of info.

One piece of advice for your clients: Breathe! When I`m working with clients I know that all the details are taken care of and I reassure them of this. I also steer the conversation back to their relationship with their soon-to-be spouse. I usually catch a smile and a little spark in their eyes when they start thinking about the true reason for their wedding; to celebrate their love.

Favourite trend: I`m totally on board with the faux calligraphy trend that`s happening right now. It looks so elegant yet you can have so much fun with it!

Favourite event moment (big or small): When the bridal party has been sent down the aisle and I`m left with the bride and her father. That moment holds so many emotions. You have excitement, nervousness and that bittersweet look in her father`s eye. You see that connection between a father and his little girl.

Interesting little known fact about yourself: Well, this is true for both Amie and I. We do not like coffee. As event planners this is often shocking to people. We have been known to put on some pretty awesome performances to the late night radio while driving home from a tear down. Some brides may have noticed our voices were a little hoarse at a bridal show one year after a particularly enthusiastic night of singing (we blame Adele).

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