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Stephanie Beach Photography

From your engagement to your wedding day, make the most of every day spent together, and let every heartbeat count

Stephanie Beach Photography

Meet this husband and wife team (David and Stephanie) who work hard to capture all the moments of your special day.

The people behind your events…

Name: Stephanie & Dave Koning

Company: Stephanie Beach Photography

Website: www.stephaniebeachphotography.com

Sum up what you do in 5 words: Capture moments to cherish forever

The one thing you couldn’t live without on event day: Besides the obvious camera & equipment, my phone is a necessity! It is my clock, holds all of the contact info for our couples, their timeline and photo requests and of course, on the way home, I can start getting back in touch with anyone who messaged us during the day.

One piece of advice for your clients: We give all of our clients the same piece of advice: Choose what is important to you for your wedding day. Try to pick out a small handful of items (maybe 3) that are really important to you and focus your efforts, time and budget on those as much as possible. We really find that this tends to help people not get too overwhelmed with the big job of wedding planning and also to have a day that is meaningful and personal to them.

Favorite trend: First looks! We absolutely love getting to be part of this super intimate part of the day. There aren’t many times during a wedding where the couple gets to be on their own, so having a first look lets you breathe a little bit and really cherish each other before you walk down the aisle. And, having done one ourselves, we can say that it doesn’t take away from the moment you see each other during the ceremony at all.

Favorite event moment (big or small): We love getting to see the faces of our couples as they walk down the aisle. Emotions are high and every couple reacts a little differently.

Interesting little known fact about yourself: We are both pretty shy, nerdy people. We really come out of our shells during wedding days, but on pretty much any other day, you will find us at home, being introverts doing generally nerdy things.

Anything else you want to share: We always feel so honoured and lucky to be chosen to photograph a couple’s big day. We have been fortunate enough to have the very best couples to work with and even though we are often dirty, sweaty, sore and tired at the end of a wedding, we are both so happy we were part of it all (and can’t wait to share the images with everyone).

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