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Lynn Lee Canadian Weddings

Some times your vision needs a little bit of help to become reality. Let a professional give you a memorable event. This week read about this consummate professional in our Ottawa event community.


Name: Lynn Lee

Company: Lynn Lee Canadian Weddings

Website: lynnleeweddings.com

Sum up what you do in 5 words: create relaxed, refined Canadian destination weddings (6 words, sorry)

The one thing you couldn’t live without on event day: safety pins

One piece of advice for your clients: Create a very relaxed timeline for the day so you’re able to savour the moments without feeling rushed.

Favourite trend: The value couples are placing on hosting their guests well

Favorite event moment (big or small): when I see my bride for the first time on the wedding day, filled with excitement and anticipation

Interesting little known fact about yourself: My guilty 20 minute pleasure is to play a game of scrabble solitaire


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